our prices

Please note these important points!

With us you can choose three different flights:

  1. Flight for children from approx. 20 kg
  2. Flight for adults up to a maximum of 115 kg
  3. Thermal flight, for those who like to circle
  • It’s best to call us a few days in advance: +436606097332
  • Or send us a WhatsApp
  • Or write us an email (emails are often only read in the evening)

We will answer all your questions and make an appointment.

Pay attention!
We are very dependent on the weather. Sometimes it’s not possible to fly even though it’s “the most wonderful weather” outside. Please leave the weather assessment to us and don’t look too much at your cell phone. The “tourist” forecasts are too inaccurate for this.

Thank you!

We recommend for a tandem flight:

  • Good sturdy hiking shoes or sneakers
  • A pair of long trousers*
  • Sunglasses
  • A jacket

It can get a little colder up there when flying!
It’s better to bring a little too much clothing than too little.

* Long trousers have a better protection factor. If it is very warm we can also fly with shorts, but that is your own risk and you decide for yourself.

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Kirchbach 125, 9632 Kirchbach

Please arrive 10 -15 minutes early.

If there is anything unclear, just give us a call!

+43(0)660 609 7332