Testival & Spring Market

The first glass of champagne* is already waiting for you… 🤩
Secure your place now and register!

Hello dear pilots,

We would like to warmly invite you to the official opening of the Time Flies flight school on May 11, 2024.

Yes, yes, we waited two seasons for our “official opening” but we just wanted to take it slow. And as the saying goes, “better late than never”.
So what do you say, are you there and toast to the future with us?
We would be pleased 🤩

Test paragliders and taste the regional delicacies.

What’s on the program:

  • Official opening of the Time Flies flight school with a glass of champagne* to toast.
  • Pilots meet friends, acquaintances and where new acquaintances are made.
  • Paraglider testing of the manufacturers: Supair, Airdesign, Swing and possible other manufacturers will be announced online soon.
  • Shuttle bus to the takeoff point every hour. Depending on registrations, maybe in 30 minutes. beat.
  • Spring market with regional delicacies and many local products (bacon, cheese, honey, schnapps, herbs, etc.)
  • Music, food and drinks.
  • Good times
  • Reverse thermal flight until sunset?

The exact time table for the day will be announced online soon.

If you would like to test some gear, please register with us, as you will only receive test gear with a valid online registration.

Register here

*No drink & Fly😉😲


  • Address: Kirchbach 125, 9632 Kirchbach
  • Time: 9:30 – 17:00
  • Unfortunately the swimming pool is still closed? Or open today?
  • For pilots with a valid paragliding license.
  • You have a liability insurance.
  • Good mood.
  • If you register online you can test the paragliding gear for free.
  • You get a glass of champagne at the official opening
  • Fun
  • Take-off and landing fee of €4 for the whole day.
  • Voluntary donation for transport to the launch site
  • Eat /Drinks