In-Air Guiding service for Paraglider pilots

Let’s fly together and discover new territories.
We will guide you in the right directions!

During one week we will pick the 5 best days for flying and we will show you Carinthia’s best flying spots around the Drau-Valley and all the way up to eastern-Tyrol.
The Emberger Alm/ Greifenburg area is well known for its good thermal flying where it’s “easy” to fly long distances if you like to.

The In Air guiding service includes:

  • One instructor is also flying and concentrates on the in-Air guiding of all the pilots who want to have some support in the Air. The instructor will show you the right spots. Just follow…
  • Improvement of the theoretical and practical Piloting skills (if desired)
  • Harness check-up/ setup. Are there maybe some adjustments to make for better flying. There probably are.
  • Theoretical tips and tricks for more safety during your flight.
  • Radio support during flight.
  • Individual flight support from flight instructors
  • Daily weather briefing,
  • Flight area briefing with dos and don’ts
  • Transport to take-off area*
  • Support at take-off if desired,
  • Retrieval pick up from “where ever” you landed

If you look at the skyways of this area you understand the possibilities we have.

All pilots will fly with radiocommunication so the guides can give you tips in air. We attach great importance to ensuring that everyone is supported at their level and can develop further. If you like we’ll give you tips to help you improve your skills so you can fly with better feeling and cover greater distances.

Further information

  • Duration: 5 out of 7 days
  • Our goal: Guiding pilots around the Drau-Valley in Carinthia to ensure they have a great paragliding holiday.
  • Based on weather conditions we will discover a few flying sites this area has to offer.
  • Price: € 575,-
  • BHPA level pilots license
  • + Ippi card (you can order you Ippi card via the BHPA)
  • Mentally and physically fit
  • GPS and variometer
  • Radio (PMR)  (possibility to rent)
  • Your own paraglider equipment
  • Glider certification from EN/ LTF: A, B, C or D
  • Glider/ pilot is insured
  • Glider check date is valid*
  • Reserve parachute is valid**
  • Reserve parachute is freshly folded and packed***
  • Helmet & Gloves
  • Good mood and patience
  • Suncream 😉
  • Ready to make great flights and discover new terrain.
  • Happy landings 😉

* glider check date is not older than 24 month during the safari.
** production date not older than 10 years. Or depending on manual.
*** Within or not older than 6 month. Or depending on manual.

  • A seat in our van during the guiding
  • Our driver picks you up where you are landed*
  • Individual In-Air guiding/ support during the flights by our guides**
  • Improvement of skills
  • Theoretical tips and tricks for more safety during your flight.
  • Daily weather briefing
  • Flight area briefing
  • Radio support
  • A great time
  • Making new friends

*Our driver can only pick you up from legal locations. So this could mean that you have to walk a bit to find a good pickup spot.

** If everybody is flying in an other direction it will not be possible to support al pilots 😉 

  • Your travel
  • Your stay
  • Your food and drinks
  • Start- & landing fees (if there are any)
  • Pilot Insurance

Especially in new and unknown terrain, the feeling of “I’m on my own” often creates additional stress that can cause you to go for landing sooner. Since we try to fly our plan with the group, your guide can give you instructions while flying. This means that many people do not feel left alone when flying. It may well give you more self-confidence so that you dare to fly further into unknown territory.

Paragliding Austria – Flight school Time Flies

Kichbach 125
9632 Kirchbach, Gailtal

We will meet up at our school in Kirchbach to get to know each other and discuss our plans and your goals for the next days.
We will also check your settings of your harness and setup and do a pre flight check.
Depending on the weather conditions we go up for a flight or a dive into our pool, or probably both. So don’t forget your swimsuit  😉  

Depending on the weather forecast we make the plan to fly in the Drau- and Gail-valley in Carinthia and use the possibility to go further in the direction of Eastern Tyrol.

For accommodation we can recommend the