That’s how it started

My long story told briefly

Since my father was a hang glider, I “grew up” at the landing site during my childhood. Since then I have always wanted to fly myself. Back in the 80s, I dreamed of flying a hang glider. Later I found out that paragliding is much more practical and this sport is also easier to learn. In the meantime, life just happened, Time Flies when you’re having fun… and that’s the reason why I did the basic paragliding course so late in 2008. I was immediately hooked and all I wanted to do was fly. But there was still a small problem; I was living in the Netherlands at that time and there are no mountains! So I moved to Austria “as quickly as possible” to earn my money with tandem flights in the summer and as a snowboard and ski guide and as a trainer for snowboard instructors in the winter.

To this day, teaching different people something new is still my great passion. So the step to becoming a paragliding instructor was a logical one for me. And then at some point I came to the beautiful Gailtal in Carinthia… But there was no flight school there!? So I guess I had to do that. ? And here we are now.
Of course I don’t do this alone and I’m very happy to introduce my team to you. Preferably in person, of course, at our flight school in the Gailtal, Austria. We look forward to seeing you and are all fully motivated to teach you to fly or take a tandem flight with you.
I hope to see you soon. Kind regards and see you then,
Daniel ✌️

Daniel Tomaschek
Flight instructor, tandem pilot, owner, headquarters

Hannes Künstler
DHV flight instructor, tandem pilot, DHV Skyperformance trainer, DHV examiner, MANAGING DIRECTOR

Kathrin Traumüller
Flight instructor, tandem pilot

Peter Auer
Tandem pilot, flight instructor assistant

Froukje Gerritsen
Flight Instructor Assistant

Hans-Peter Bock
Tandem pilot

Martin Stieber
Flight instructor, DHV Skyperformance trainer, tandem pilot

Sanne Schouwenburg
Flight instructor assistant, tandem pilot

Timon Raletsatsi Weber
Flight instructor assistant, XC jet fighter

Anne Gerritsen
Flight instructor assistant, tandem pilot

Youri Streefkerk
Flight instructor assistant

Kilian Baumann
Flight instructor, tandem pilot, safety trainer